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6 Things You Can Do With Your Samsung Business Phone System

- Tuesday, November 19, 2013 |

Image of Samsung Business Phone Everyone knows that a telephone is to make outside calls and answer incoming ones. But is that all that these phone systems do? The latest Samsung OfficeServ phone systems can do that and a lot more. Here are 6 things you may not have known you can do with your Samsung business phone system.

Call Record
An interesting thing you can do with your Samsung phone system is record calls, using the Call Record feature of the phone. When you don’t have a pen or a notepad handy to make notes during an important call just hit the call record option and you won't have to miss capturing important information again.
Cell Phone Pairing
Pair your cell phone with the Samsung phone system to answer calls from wherever you are. When you do this, any call made to your office phone will also appear on your cell phone, giving you an option of answering it from wherever you are. You can take the call to avoid a missed call, or you can let the caller go to voicemail in the phone system.
Direct Lines
Inexpensively add Direct Lines so your customers can reach the person they need to talk to quickly and efficiently, by dialling their unique phone number, bypassing the receptionist. Direct lines used to require special hardware, had to be purchased in large blocks of numbers and could only be used for incoming calls.
Times have changed, add as many or as few as you want, inexpensively, and use these lines for outgoing calls too.
Call Park
Call Park is an underused feature of your phone system, especially when staff are away from their desks such as in a warehouse environment. With Call Park your receptionist or whoever answers the phone can "Park" the call on the system, then page you over the PA system. “Bob, pickup line 354” You can go to any phone and enter that code to retrieve that caller.
Remote Working Capability
With Remote Working Capability you can connect to the phone system from your home office or a satellite location. Calls you make and receive are through the main phone number so your customers never know your not sitting in your office.
Hot Desk
Hot Desk capability means you can sit at anyone’s desk, enter a code and your phone configuration replaces what’s on that phone. Your speed dial list, your button configuration, your line access, your feature access, all right in front of you. When you’re done, enter a code to return the phone to the way it was.

Stop thinking of your phone system as an expense, with today's features it really is a valuable asset to reducing costs and improving customer service.

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