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5 reasons your staff NEEDS individual phone numbers

- Wednesday, July 13, 2016 |
Post Image - 5 reasons your staff NEEDS individual phone numbers

As a business owner you work to keep cost down. Especially over the last few years of uncertainty.

Fortunately, telephone and internet technology has evolved to the point that it really can bring costs down. Your business can be much more profitable, and you can maintain a competitive advantage, if you know what to implement.

We believe that an educated consumer is our best customer, so we offer you the following summary showing how providing the staff you have in critical areas of your business with their own phone number is significantly more beneficial to your business.

Personal phone calls

Believe it or no,t 35% of phone calls to your business are personal. It’s the soccer coach, the dentist, the lawyer, the spouse, the children, and more. If your staff are answering calls that aren’t for them, it’s an interruption and an incredible waste of time for everyone.

Let’s say you only have a receptionist answer calls:

Literally 1/3 of their time is wasted answering personal calls.
If they make $20,000 a year (a very conservative number), it means a waste of $7,000 a year.

Can you imagine if all your phones ring, and all your staff answer those calls and then have to transfer calls around? What a waste of time, what a waste of money!

You can try to stop those calls...we've all tried. While you can reduce them for a short while once you stop focussing on it things will go back to the way they are in ANY business...people that work for you are going to get personal calls.  

So at least, if they have a direct line, you can remove the burden of handling those calls from the rest of your staff.


Sales people do not want to miss calls. Every call they get could be a potential sale. With their own phone number not only can they get those calls directly to their phone, they can have their cell phone ring at the same time. This means they receive all their calls. It means more than that. They can now tell customers to call one number and they can always get in touch. With free incoming calls from your cell phone provider all calls are free. No matter where the phone is answered.

Closing one deal with a caller that got through to your sales person, one that you would not have closed if that caller moved on to another provider, could pay for this service entirely. 

Business Continuity

We hope that our businesses never succumb to a disaster, but you watch the news and it really happens. Statistics show that the chances of a business surviving a flood or a fire are almost nil. A plan needs to be in place to continue your business even if your physical location is damaged or just plain gone. 

With direct lines and cell phone pairing you have the biggest part of that plan covered, and you can get calls to your business even when disaster strikes, keeping your business running while you figure out your next steps. We can even remotely forward your numbers anywhere, instantly, if your place of business is disrupted for any reason.


Your service department really should have a direct number. Your clients do not want to wait for service, or be transferred around until they get the right extension when they have a problem. They do business with places that provide a live answer, and especially ones that provide that live answer quickly. Providing that level of service is one thing that keeps customers with you during tough times when they may be tempted to go with someone who is cheaper.

Lifestyle for you, the owner

Finally something in it for you. With new technology, we can “mirror” your office in your home. Can you imagine being able to help your kids with their homework, put them to bed, and then finish your work from earlier? Or maybe you want to get some work done for the eastern time zone before you go to the office.

Before, you stayed late at the office, and went in to work early. Missing the most important parts of life.

Maybe it's being able to take a vacation...and still be able to take the odd call from the office.  I know you would rather take a complete break...but when it's your business, your livelihood, sometimes there's no one else you can leave in charge.  But you still need a break.

With technology that’s available today, and affordable to your business we can give you the lifestyle you should be living

What you should do next

We take a global approach to meeting your communications needs. We look at the big picture of how we can use technology in the best way to support and meet your business needs.

We believe we can help save you money while improving your business. Read this article on how one of our customers paid for a completely new phone system with the savings we discovered for services he was paying for that he didn't need, didn't use, weren't at the best price available.... and in some cases he didn't even know about. 

For a no charge, comprehensive audit of your business communications technology call 403-543-6959 or email

Still reading? We appreciate the time you've given us and your commitment to learning.....but why haven't you called us yet? 

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