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SIP Lines

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What is the advantage of using SIP Lines? 

One of the main advantages is that SIP lines are at least half the price of traditional telephone lines.

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, and SIP lines would be best described as internet dial tone. When a button on the telephone set is pushed, a request is sent to a server and dial tone is sent to the telephone system via the internet.

Here are some other benefits of having SIP lines.

Direct in Dial numbers. These numbers send calls directly to a telephone set rather than wasting the receptionist’s time redirecting personal calls.

Pairing intercom numbers with cell phones. Internal or external calls ring your desk set and your cell phone at the same time.

Bursting. If all your SIP trunks are busy and another call tries to come in, the server will process that call to the system thru a temporary SIP trunk connection. A small usage charge is incurred but your customer doesn't get a busy signal.  And you don't have to have as many phone lines to handle your calls.

Fail over. If there is a power failure or the network server fails, all SIP calls can be sent to a cell phone.

Long Distance. SIP long distance charges are as low as .04 cents per minute for North America.

If you have questions about how SIP Lines work or what the benefit would be to your business, please call us and speak to a service specialist.

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