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Why You Need An 800 Number

- Monday, February 24, 2014 |

Image of a business man waiting for the phone to ring. Costs of communication have come down drastically in this digital age. The money that you had to spend for having a telephone connection and for making long distance calls a few decades ago was a lot more than what it costs us today. In spite of that, when it comes to calling a credit card company, a realtor, a fitness center, a phone company or any other service provider that I want to try that's not in the same city as me, I think twice about the costs involved. Unless the company has a toll-free number, I sometimes do not make the call. My logic? If the company wants my business, they should have an 800 number instead of one that costs me money to call.

Waiting for the phone to ring?

If your prospects think like I do, which they are highly likely to do, then you could lose a lot of business without an 800 number. 

One of the biggest mistakes that many companies make is to put off the idea of having a toll-free number thinking that the call volume is low and the cost is high. When in fact, the call volume may be low because they do not have a toll-free number.

Think about it. If you want something and there are two service providers, one with a toll-free number and one without, who would you call first? The company with an 800 number of course! Because that way, you spend less. You don’t lose anything by calling an 800 number.

So, wouldn’t you rather invest in an 800 number, instead of losing business?

A toll-free number need not be expensive

As opposed to what many believe, toll-free numbers are not as expensive as you think. Our service providers offer affordable toll free 800 numbers and we can install them for you with ease. The cost of an 800 number can be as low as $2.50 per month and just 3.5¢ per minute after that. How much business do you have to generate to pay for that?  Likely one more deal a month would more than cover the cost.  Given the low monthly and per minute costs you have to incur, getting 800 numbers for your business is certainly a great idea.

It is also without doubt an affordable way to make sure there are no barriers to contacting your business. Call us today to find out more about how 800 numbers help you generate more sales.

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