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Why you should Consider Installing Music on Hold

Dave Haggblad - Monday, February 16, 2015 |

Music Player for music on hold featureIf you are a busy professional or someone who takes calls constantly, you are sure to have put people on hold at one point or another. If you are a business owner or run a company, you have by now realized the importance of efficient management of phone calls by using the Hold function. However, for the person at the other end, it can be very irritating to be held waiting in the first place, and worse, to be hearing the constant beep on the phone. 

In such a scenario, it is ideal that you consider installing Music on Hold (MOH), a system that enables the person on the other end to listen to music, so the wait seems that much shorter and they are ensured that they're still connected.

How does it work?

How Music on Hold works depends on the phone system you have. There are phones where audio files are used as the source for music. There is also an option wherein an external system/device can work as an on-hold music/message player. This external system essentially makes use of a USB drive or it can sometimes even be connected to the internet. There are phone systems that don’t need any devices or equipment and are programmed to use live streaming for content.

The kind or style of music used for MOH largely depends on the country or culture you operate from. It is ideal to use music that is not offensive to any kind of audience. Typically, light classic tunes or jazz are used but the choice is yours of course.

Why use MOH

  • MOH makes the wait when on hold seem more bearable, especially if the music is thoughtfully chosen. The customer/caller feels less irritated about being put on hold.
  • MOH also helps people stay on the line and not hang up. Keeping customers on the line could be very important if you are into the customer service sector.

MOH as a branding exercise

As a company/organization you should make the most of any branding opportunity. The Music on Hold feature can be a great way to present branding information. You could choose the right music as a signature tune for your brand and then overlay that music with occasional voiceover information about your business. If you're a bit more aggressive you could not have music at all, just one continuous infomercial about your business and the services you offer.  

Another important aspect to bear in mind is to keep the music fresh; if you have a set of callers who get in touch with you frequently, you should change messages or music with some regularity to ensure callers stay interested. 

If you're interested in adding Music On Hold to your system, give us a call.

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