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Why Businesses Should Own Local Numbers?

Dave Haggblad - Wednesday, February 03, 2016 |
Post Image - Why Businesses Should Own Local Numbers?

A toll free number, a local number....or both, your company will need to look into these options when starting a small business. Companies should make these decisions taking into consideration where their customers are located and where they would be calling you from.

Local numbers

Local numbers have over time become the number one choice amongst successful businesses. When a customer looks for services and products, local directories become an oft-used resource. When selecting a local number for the business location, you are able to advertise in all of your customer's community directories. As residents are proud of their community and are very conscious of the businesses in the region, a lot of them will choose to invest in local businesses instead of large global companies. Businesses will succeed when showing their customers that they operate locally. This can be done through the usage of a local phone number.

Benefits of local numbers

Local numbers are extremely beneficial for businesses of any size and do more for a business than one can realize:

  1. More than a single number – as per your business needs and size, you may require more than a single local number. Running a business from Locality A which is partially in B and C might warrant numbers from B and C as well. When carrying out business in a range of cities across the nation, having more than a single local number is a great idea in order to provide your business with a multi-city sheen.
  2. Your customers feel connected – preferring to deal with businesses in their own locality, clients might get overwhelmed by an 800 or a toll free number. A toll free number may make your business seem too large or impersonal. With a local number customers can have the ability to make a call to a local number instead of a toll free number or an ‘unrecognizable’ area code.
  3. More convenient for international callers – international customers are sometimes unable to dial toll free numbers. They can however dial local numbers. This benefits your company when conducting plenty of international business. Current services encourage local numbers by adding offers such as custom greetings and unlimited extensions.

Understanding the benefits of local numbers for your business and your customers will help guide your choices. A business stands to gain plenty by using local numbers.

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