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What’s that Beeping Coming from the Storage Room?

Dave Haggblad - Wednesday, October 28, 2015 |
Post Image - What’s that Beeping Coming from the Storage Room?

Businesses often keep their phone system in a storage room or perhaps a dedicated room with other tech equipment and it gets ignored until some problem erupts, like dead phone lines when there is no power. Service engineers of telephone companies often receive calls where customers them there is strange beeping coming from that store room.

Mystery of the beeping sound

Many companies do not have technical personnel on staff so they don't know that this strange sound coming from storeroom like the countdown to an Olympic Downhill Ski Race is actually the UPS – Uninterrupted Power Supply. This beeping sound is an indication that the battery is almost dead and needs to be replaced. It is first indicator of danger for your office phone system...that you will not have any power backup if the UPS or at least the battery is not replaced immediately.  In this state you will not have any protection in the event of a power failure.

Importance of electricity and voltage

While working in an office setup most people get so used to all the gadgets and equipment working perfectly around them that often they don't even realize it when there is a power outage in the building. The uninterrupted power supply just keeps everything working perfectly. UPS's also help in the protection of expensive electronic equipment, like your telephone system, from voltage fluctuations and spikes which can lead to the damage or even destruction of this equipment.

Types of electrical issues

Spikes and surges are sudden increases and dips in voltage levels that can lead to corruption of your data and sometimes to failure of the system if the UPS is not working. Under these situations even electrical equipment like copiers, printers, refrigerators and other electrical equipment which do not have voltage stabilizers can get burnt.

Possible remedies for UPS restoration

On staff service engineers have a fair idea about the life span of UPS's in the office and will take care to replace battery at the appropriate time for a stock of batteries. But if you don't have someone on staff for technical issues and you hear that persistent beeping sound from the UPS system then call for a service technician to come and replace the battery. Once the UPS is back to full battery capacity it will continue to provide sufficient backup time to bridge power to your phone system during those power 'bumps' that happen so calls aren't dropped and customers can continue to reach you.

Still not sure what to do? Give us a call to book a service call and we'll check it out.

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