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What Does a Missed Call Cost your Business?

Dave Haggblad - Wednesday, September 30, 2015 |
Post Image - What Does a Missed Call Cost your Business?

The first impression that you give to customers may not always be the last impression but it will cost you money until that customer is won back from competition. When customers call your business and there is a no answer or an irritating busy tone the caller often hangs up and calls the next company that provides a similar service.

Drawbacks of missed calls

If you want to argue that in the present connected world with apps for every service people rarely call you on the phone, you will be surprised to know that 80 percent of service and product companies receive orders and business communication through phones. Studies show that even in this digital age people prefer talking to humans than machines and when confronted with an automated messaging system they hang up.

Cost of missed calls to your business

Have you ever tried to gauge the likely loss the company is undergoing just because investing in an auto attendant is considered a useless investment and your receptionist is unable to physically handle no more than one to two calls at the same time? According to sales studies more than 85 percent of first time callers to a business will not call back, so there is good reason to answer calls in person or attach an auto attendant facility to take down details for call backs.

Several times consumers have ended their relationship with companies due to poor customer service and lack of concern for customer complaints. In fact more than 60 percent of people that have faced poor customer service have taken their business to competitors which may be extremely difficult to win back. Callers that call a business for the first time rarely leave a voice message when confronted with an automated system or lack of response.

Wasting your advertising costs

A business that spends several thousand dollars every month on advertisements with phone numbers that are not attended to would be wasting its entire investment as callers would spread the word that the product or service is probably of poor quality as there is no one to attend queries. Each missed call from a potential customer can mean loss in present and future revenue resources.

There may be genuine reasons for missing calls and if you want to avoid that then use modern technology like a virtual assistant and telephone answering service to manage calls when all phone lines are engaged or the employee attending your phones is engaged in some other essential duties.

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