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What Do you Do with Parts of your Old Phone System?

Dave Haggblad - Monday, January 19, 2015 |

What to do with old business phone parts Whenever an office decides to replace its old phone systems with new ones, the old ones generally get discarded into the dustbin and later end up at a landfill. If you are feeling guilty about old phones lying around the office or you're considering alternative uses for existing phones after you upgrade, then there's things you can do besides have it become an artistic piece decorating your office lobby.

There are many reasons for an old phone to become absolutely irreparable - like discontinuation of that model by the manufacturer or a limited number of models made during the launch, or the manufacturer goes out of business. Unfortunately, this means that your system can become obsolete within a few years if any one of its internal mechanisms stops functioning as it would be difficult to get replacement parts.

Suggestions for your old phone system parts

Sell it as scrap to a telecom provider - You can get in touch with your existing or old telephone service company which has installed systems like yours to sell your old telephone system as scrap. It is difficult to find parts for old telephone systems, and when you sell off an old phone system, the telephone company will use its working spares to refurbish other phones and keep someone else's system running a little bit longer.

Refurbishing for reuse – If you have upgraded the 'brains' of the telephone system with a new system, then the old phones can be sent out for refurbishing and then returned to service on the new system. The refurbished phone can also be resold by your service company to other small firms looking for an inexpensive phone system. To give your old phones - with perfectly functional internal parts - a makeover, fitting it into a new outer casing will make it appear to be as good as new. Equipment vendors regularly scourge garage sales and electronic disposal firms to collect critical parts that can fit into old systems that they can sell at a good price.

Recycling for reuse – Getting your phones refurbished to much hassle? Call you phone equipment company, if you're giving them away they may come and pick them up, refurbish them, and then use them for maintenance spares to keep a system going until that company is ready to upgrade.

Recycling to reduce contamination – If all other avenues fail then please at least send the parts to the proper electronics recycling depot. Telephone systems contain components that need to be disassembled and handled safely so they do not end up contaminating a landfill or leeching into ground water.

If you have any questions about what to do with your old/spare/extra parts please give us a call.

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