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Warning Signs That Your Phone System is About to Fail

Dave Haggblad - Monday, October 27, 2014 |

Business man who's phone system is about to fail Phones form the basis of business communication. Phone usage touches every facet of our lives, both professional and personal. The warning signs that your phone is about to fail are:

Dropped calls

There are a number of reasons for dropped calls. There can be carrier related problems, complications in local environment and problems specific to your phone. Since your phone is dependent on a cellular network, the phone connects by itself to the nearest tower when you make a call. When you move from the territory of one tower to another, then the previous tower will hand over your call to the subsequent tower. If there is a complication, there will not be a handoff. The source of this problem may be a software glitch. If there is no tower, your phone will encounter a “dead zone”. Such zones have no coverage.

Calls cutting in and out:

The most common reason for calls cutting out is due to interference with wireless signals. It can be easily fixed:

  1. Ensure that there is an absence of wireless devices. If there it is, move the device at least 2 feet away
  2. This can also be caused when a wireless router is on the identical frequency with your mobile phone. Unplug the router from electrical outlet if such an incidence occurs.

If it is not fixed, then it is a sign of a major problem.

System randomly rebooting:

Sometimes you and your phone can be stuck in a twilight zone. There can be a number of reasons.

  1. Your phone battery may be at fault. If it is the case, then the best advice is to change the battery.
  2. Your phone software is backdated: To solve the problem, simply update the software

Misdirected calls:

It is due to two principal reasons:

  1. Information about customer accounts missing in back end system: It occurs when there is a corporate changeover and users are unknowingly migrated to another IVR or not aware of such change.
  2. Customer authentication failure: If human error is introduced into the system, then there can be a failure in customer authentication.

Loud noises coming from the telephone room:

It can happen from the telephone interface connection. It can be solved by disconnecting test jack. If the problem persists, the issue lies with your phone company and is beyond your control.

If you face problems like these, do contact your provider at the earliest opportunity.

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