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VoIP Makes Working from Home Possible

Dave Haggblad - Monday, May 26, 2014 |

Image of a man working from his home office Work-from-home is fast emerging as a viable option for both employees and small businesses. Flexibility and cost-effectiveness have both become extremely important. Working from home makes sense for both employees and employers. For employees, it makes it possible for them to strike a better work/life balance. The time and frustration involved with commuting to and from work is eliminated as well. For employers, work-from-home employees are more cost-effective. They do not need to invest in a huge office space and other infrastructure requirement.

The biggest obstacle to the work-from-home option in years past was communication. Not being within earshot means that long phone calls become the norm. And the humongous phone bills at the end of the month become a dread.

VoIP has changed that

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has made it possible for work-from-home employees and freelancers to communicate effectively and not pay half of their paycheque for it. All communication tools that are available in the office are available at home as well with VoIP. The employee is constantly in contact with colleagues at the office, which increases accountability and productivity. Also, communicating with clients becomes much easier.

Keep these in mind while using VoIP at home

To make optimal use of VoIP at home there are certain things one has to keep in mind.

Access to company network

It is best if the company has an internet connected PBX. This allows seamless connectivity to both remote employees and those working from the office. Work-from-home employees can connect to the company network via the internet. So work-from-home employees can access their voicemail, utilize video conferencing or even transfer a call to someone in the main office.

Robust broadband internet connection

VoIP is dependent on the Internet and the quality of experience you get while using VoIP is dependent on the quality of the internet connection. So invest in a good broadband plan. This will ensure reliability and smooth access to all VoIP features.

Professional attitude

Maintain a professional attitude while working from home. A client will not be thrilled to see you wearing a worn t-shirt or pajamas during a video conferencing call. The company’s and your reputations are at stake.

Define work hours and meet deadlines

Discuss your the work hours with your employer and ensure that you are available during that period. If you want a couple of hours of break in the afternoon to pick up your kid from school, or take care of any other chores, communicate this to your employer.

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