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Voice a little scratchy? It Might be Your Handset Cord

Dave Haggblad - Monday, September 14, 2015 |

Bad Handset Cord Land lines are critical for any organization as they are main communication points with outside world and if they are unclear and scratchy the firm’s reputation is at risk. Sometimes this could be due to worn out cords or loose plugs from the main socket line or faulty wiring and cables in the building. There are chances that the problem could be from the caller’s end due to aged equipment or wiring. Sensitive modems in internet based telephone lines can also cause clarity problems if the office is using single internet line for browsing and phone calls.

Causes of scratchy noise in the phone line and solutions

  1. Handset or cord problem – When you experience poor voice quality on business phones, check the phone's handset and cords to see if they are worn out. If you have a new phone in the office, then try replacing that handset and cord with the troublesome one to find out if it is an handset related problem. You can then call the service provider and get the cord and handset changed to solve the problem with minimal fuss. 
  2. Weather related issues – Rough weather conditions like thunder, lightning and snow can lead to disruption in air waves and water can leak into underground phone lines and cause disruptions in the line. Wait for the weather to clear and make a call to the nearest service center in your area, and report the problem.
  3. Uneven noise – If the scratchy noise on the phone is present only in exceptional circumstances like calls from particular numbers or during specific times of the day, it could be due to a problem in caller’s line.  If it is a VOIP line, then your service provider can check for any faults in the line and perform a speed/quality test if needed.

If you still can't find the problem it's time to arrange for a service call and have a technician diagnose and repair the issue.

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