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Today’s Phone Systems

Dave Haggblad - Wednesday, November 18, 2015 |
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Every business thrives on a solid business telephone system. Even in the age of instant messaging, social networks and email, your business phone system plays a big part in ensuring your communication needs are taken care of. The 21st century business environment has made features available today a lot more desirable than in the past. Here are a few features that today’s business leader can expect from a business telephone system:


Starting from even basic business telephone systems, the voicemail feature and support is provided in quite a competitive, demanding and emerging market. Internet technology advancements allow for business transactions to take place across the globe as simply as doing business with clients down the hall from you. Such advances also make it possible to conduct business outside traditional ‘business hours’. Clients must be able to contact your company at any given time with a well-designed voicemail system allowing for this to happen and also permitting employees to rest and recuperate.

Auto Attendant

The industry term for automated answering systems is the auto attendant. These systems received a horrible rap in the last few years with customers getting frustrated while navigating endless, looping phone trees. An auto attendant is designed to serve both business and customers’ needs by assisting customers in quickly reaching the correct department to take care of their requirements. Smart implementation of said auto attendant ensures the fewest steps prior to being connected to a human.

Remote location

Thanks to the increasing familial demands on employees coupled with rising fuel costs, businesses are being forced to be creative with their scheduling. In the 21st century, a growing number of employees are being allowed to work from satellite offices which are closer to their residence. Some businesses allow employees to turn spare rooms into home offices and work from there as well. Remote location support provides staff members with the ability to reach employees working at satellite offices or working from home through dialling an internal extension. This is in the same manner as the employee would do to reach an on-site employee, hence eliminating the requirements for confusing phone lists.

Find Me

Find Me or Follow Me support is another smart 21st century development due to the mobile phones and smartphones becoming a lot more common. These days everyone has a phone that can do more than just make calls. Many of them use their phones to organize their lives inside and outside of work. Employees use their personal phones for work, it helps cut business costs. Find Me/Follow Me assists employees in simply forwarding work phone numbers to personal phones allowing for business travel and telecommunication to take place much more easily.

Educating your employees is as much a necessity as installing the best phone system. Employees must be made aware of how to use the phone system while maintaining a professional decorum. Keeping the above in mind will help your investment in a new, quality business phone system pay off.

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