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The Need for Reciprocity in Business

Dave Haggblad - Monday, August 11, 2014 |

Image representing buying business services from existing client list Reciprocal communication or reciprocity in business terms can refer to the sharing of business and sales opportunities by two or more companies. This communication is based on an already established relationship, which primarily has its origins in the customer or client list of one of the participating business firms.

Importance of shared platforms

When companies share networking platforms and resources, they are able to cut down costs, help build company business profiles and scale up their customer base and sales. In fact, small businesses run by a pro-active set of people often use reciprocity to their advantage and try and get business from companies and clients whom they have already served and whose numbers are registered in their directory.

Certain small businesses hardly ever need to look through the yellow pages or use the internet to find sources in order to obtain business services. Their own database is sufficient to help them find the right business services at the right point of time. This truly highlights the importance of office business phones and telephonic business communication-calls, voicemail, faxes-and how maintaining a customer directory can be of great advantage for future use by the business.

Make reciprocity a business goal

Reciprocity should ideally be one of the goals or objectives of any small business. You need to use this tool intelligently so that it works to your advantage and at the same time does not make the other party feel that they are being misused or scammed (use of customer information).

While Yellow pages and Google directories are still popular ways to look for different kinds of business services, they can take up a lot of your crucial business time and may not provide effective search results. The services listed in these conventional directories are a random list according to the area or location of the business and do not allow for any comparison or real understanding of the business services and their authenticity.

Reciprocity has a great advantage in this regard. When you already have a the business services listed in your customer management system, it is obvious that you have provided some kind of service or made sales contact with the firm of individual. Now this data can be used to your advantage as you are already aware of the type of services offered by a particular business and it will not require a lot of your time building a relationship with the business. In addition to this, you may get a great deal, because the services are now going back and forth between the two involved parties.

So remember, business phones have several hidden advantages!

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