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The Most Overworked Part of Your Phone System? - The Handset Cord

- Tuesday, December 03, 2013 |

Image of a woman stretching out a phone's handset cord It stretches. It coils. It is the most important part of your business telephone system. What am I talking about? The handset cord. Telephone systems are the principal communication systems for any business. And making your telephone system actually useful is the cord that connects the handset or receiver to the transmitter or telephone body.

Well, you already know that. But what you do not know, or may have taken for granted is the fact that the handset cord of the telephone system is also its most overworked component.

Just think about it. You answer a number of calls each day and every time you answer, you either stretch the cord for your own convenience, play with it as you speak or even try to snap it (if you've just had an argument with someone). You use it so much that eventually, the cord is subject to wear and tear and finally, it snaps!

The cord is what enables you to clearly communicate your message to the caller. And for it to function as it should, you need to make sure it is in good condition.

Trouble hearing on phone?

When we have a problem hearing on the phone, the first thing we do is shake the handset cord (as if the message got stuck inside and will flow through if we shake it!). Then we tap the receiver or the transmitter and finally bang the phone and decide that the entire system needs to be changed. The thing is, replacing the worn out handset cord, rather than the entire telephone system, is often all that is necessary.

Usually, rough and frequent handling of the handset cord can lead to damage of the connectors that are plugged into the receiver. If you have a habit of moving around your desk as you speak on the phone, you could also end up with a completely stretched and tangled handset cord. If you do not get the cord untangled, or stretch it too much, it could break internally and will need to be replaced.

Hear them out, and be heard clearly

Continue using a damaged handset cord and you risk missing the message, or sending out the wrong or incomplete message to your clients. At the very least you can end up with a noisy conversation with static and scratching being heard.  Now, you wouldn’t want that, would you? The clarity of sound in a telephone system depends largely on the handset cord, which makes its maintenance and replacement not just important, but essential.

If you need any assistance with maintenance and replacement of the handset cord, we will be glad to be of service. Handset cords are relatively inexpensive, give us a call and we can ship out a box full so you can replace all the cords in your office.

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