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Supporting the next generation of technicians makes us all better

Dave Haggblad - Monday, September 16, 2013 |

Image of telephone technician by a patch panel It’s our belief that the telecom industry is experiencing the same kinds of challenges that the music & video store industries have experienced.

There is game changing new technology being introduced to the telecom industry. It’s critical that the next generation of technicians graduating from our educational institutions understand this technology and know how to leverage it to meet the business needs of our clients.

We knew we could watch things happen, or we could help make things happen, so we decided to get involved in the direction the industry was taking.

Our company president, Arlen Peterson, currently sits on the Provincial Telecom Apprenticeship Committee.  This team governs the standards and education required to become a Journeyman Telecom Technician.  In the last year this board has overhauled the entire telecom program, re-focusing on IP Telephony.  Apprentices graduating from this program will now have a sound working knowledge of this technology.

Arlen also sits on an Industry Board with SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology).  This board provides recommendations to SAIT, laying out what telecom service providers believe should be taught in the programs, within the guidelines laid out by the Provincial Committee of course.

To bring it all home we work with each graduating class of SAIT’s students on their critical final projects. This gives them valuable mentorship from experienced technicians as they work through the application of IP solutions on business telephone systems

Helping shape the future for our next generation of technicians is rewarding and satisfying beyond having someone ready to work right out of school.  These students bring their own thoughts and experience to the mix and we’ve been surprised time and again by an idea or approach to a problem that was better then what we understood.

When you teach someone, you can’t help but learn yourself.

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