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Samsung's latest Business IP Phone, the i6011

Dave Haggblad - Wednesday, November 25, 2015 |
Post Image - Samsung's latest Business IP Phone, the i6011

Enhancing the user experience, the Samsung SMT 16011 is a game changer in the modern day range of business operation phones. Offering integrated WiFi and Bluetooth, this model ensures zero expensive cabling investments. The model integrates with the smartphone and works by using the Samsung Device Manager (SDM) application. The model also provides HD voice capabilities, meaning crystal clear conversations can be an everyday occurrence in the workplace.

Data Sheet - SMT i6000 Series Business Phones

The Samsung IP Phone has been created using an ergonomic design that includes a distinctive ‘floating’ handset that looks stylish. This model’s real purpose is functional and not aesthetic allowing for easy grasping of the handset from all angles and directions. The phone is easy to update and configure through the use of a simple USB drive. This lets you upgrade phone software simply while configuring new phones with ease. The model also has the useful features of a smartphone and a deskphone providing one fully integrated solution.

The Samsung IP Phone provides the user with options like:

  • WiFi hotspot – If the desktop is connected to the network via wired Ethernet cable, five devices can connect wirelessly for network access. This comes in handy when providing simple wireless networking in smaller offices and in buildings where cabling can be difficult and expensive.
  • Call sharing through Bluetooth – The IP Phone’s powerful speakerphone can be used to hear and share calls on the user’s smartphone using the Bluetooth feature.
  • Contact synchronization – Syncing and uploading contacts from the smartphone to the deskphone using the SDM application is easy.
  • Call handover – By installing the Samsung VoIP app on your smartphone, you can move calls you receive on your desk phone to your smartphone and vice versa. You also can also avail of the transition call feature using a WiFi environment to your smartphone minus any interruptions to your current call.
  • Extending feature access – The model allows a tablet to be used as an extender module. This provides greater flexibility at a lower cost to what a traditional proprietary extender module might set a small business back. There is an app available which links the tablet to the desk phone providing up to 99 programmable buttons. This gives the user one touch access to functions as well as extension numbers with colour coded status indicators as well as name displays.

This model is a business owner’s dream thanks to the cost cutting and useful features it brings to the table. Offering so much more than just connectivity, it is an invaluable device to have in the workplace.

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