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Rings in Edmonton - Answered in Calgary

Dave Haggblad - Monday, October 14, 2013 |

Busy Office Receptionist A while back we had a customer that was experiencing trouble finding staff.  After talking with him a while about possibilities we decided it would be most effective for his business if he could answer calls to his Edmonton location at his Calgary location where he had enough staff.  That way he could provide adequate back up for breaks, illnesses and busy calling times....and fully utilize the time of the two people answering the calls when the phone wasn't ringing.

With the technology that's available today it wasn't difficult to set this up.  Customers calling his Edmonton office are answered in Calgary and then seamlessly transferred to the Edmonton extension the caller requires to action their request.  The caller is unaware this has happened. Meanwhile, our customer has enjoyed a significant improvement in the number of calls that are answered by a live person (his number one goal).  The two people responsible for answering the calls are happier because when the phone is not ringing they can work on other projects or if they need to take a break there is backup already in place.

We could have actually set this up so the people answering the calls stayed in their cities, and the calls were routed to Edmonton or Calgary based on a button selection.  So when the Edmonton person takes a break they push a button on their phone and calls are routed to Calgary for processing.  Then vice-versa for Calgary.  If the situation in Edmonton changes and he's able to staff up to full capacity then that's exactly what we will set up for him.

Each businesses situation is unique.  It takes a little investigation to understand the problem and then come up with an appropriate solution. Are you experiencing some challenges that technology might be able to help with?  Give us a call to discuss your situation...we might be able to help.

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