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Is It Time to Go Wireless?

Dave Haggblad - Wednesday, September 23, 2015 |
Post Image - Is It Time to Go Wireless?

In today’s world of wifi and internet based telephones it is useless to stick to a wired landline and time to shift to wireless technology. Digital phones have revolutionized the way office phone systems are used and have also increased their scope. The earliest land lines were functioning on analog mode while now there are a number of host digital technologies like CDMA, TDMA and GSM. Digital cordless phones first came into existence in 1994 and quickly gained prominence as they had better clarity

Samsung Wireless phone system

The latest addition to existing range of wireless phones available in the market is Samsung Business system which allows you to have a wireless phone on your desk. Samsung’s wireless business system combines wireless infrastructure with security frameworks to help organizations to embrace mobility.

Detachable phone systems

Changing offices? Just move the phone and plug it in to AC power and your phone is ready to take on calls. Internet based phone systems provide flexibility and improve productivity and can transform the way organizations run their business. This technology allows you to shift phones wherever required across the office building as it is now a plug and play device without requirement of wires. So whether you want to have a conference call or telecom with client in privacy of a meeting room you can simply plug out the phone and carry it with you.

Cordless phone systems

Most cordless phone systems today are available in three frequencies of 2.4 and 5.8 Ghz followed by new Dect 6.0 and Dect 6.0 Plus. These phone systems are easy to set up within a multi-storied building with multiple extensions and also as a single use device. Popularity of these phone systems have grown as they have several built in features which are not available in regular landline devices like portability, answering system and speakerphone.

Advantages of wireless phone system that can help you make quicker decision

  • Mobility and responsiveness
    Employees within the office can be easily located using office LAN system and clear communication can be carried out by calling other members into the conference without wasting time in moving around the office.
  • Information access
    Wireless LAN system within an office which has got its production unit and administrative office in the same building can make it easier to check status of production and inventory. Armed with this information sales people can make clearer commitment about deliveries. Technological advancement helps sort out matters with one phone call which under regular circumstances would have required several phone calls and maybe a couple of meetings.

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