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Increasing Office Productivity with Add-on Facility

Dave Haggblad - Monday, January 05, 2015 |

Samsung Business Phone Add On Module Do you have several branch offices in the same city and want to keep in touch with employees at those locations with the simple touch of a button? Though mobile phones are an effective mode of communication it can be distracting for other staff members due to connectivity problems. 

Messaging facilities are now easily available within office intranet systems. As a result, staff do not need to get up from their desk to communicate with their colleagues. They can carry out 88 percent of their work from their desks. New land line phones have two way navigation systems with the ability to handle more than two or three calls per line with busy trigger. Companies are also using advanced land line phone systems at office which can grow with the organization and integrate itself with desktop applications. 

Advantages of Add On Module in office phone

An office phone with an add-on module will help your staff become more productive. These inexpensive phone system expansion modules are simple to use and configure. It can even help you set up a private branch exchange to service various branches of your office spread across the city. 

Speedy Calls

Do you use the speed dialer on your mobile phone for frequently used numbers and wish that you have a system like that in your office too? The latest expansion module for office phones allows you to access one button speed calling. 

Pre-programmed features - Companies usually lock facilities like international calling and conferencing by cryptic codes. Employees tend to forget these details making it extremely frustrating when you need to use these functions urgently. With technology, these commonly used features can be programmed into certain buttons instead of having to remember cryptic codes. 

Access of In and Out Status

If the telephone extensions of office staff have in and out features then the receptionist can use this feature, to effectively handle incoming calls from other branches or clients with automated answers like: “He’s out of the office right now, would you like to hold?” or “Can I transfer you to his voicemail…?” instead of hunting around the office for you. 

Think about it. Just a small investment in some hardware can give you a state of the art telecom system for your office.

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