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Improving Your Business Image

Dave Haggblad - Wednesday, January 20, 2016 |
Post Image - Improving Your Business Image

As a small business you need the right tools in order to stand out, make an impact and build clientele. You need the support system and infrastructure to be able to carry out basic business functions in the first place. The speed, efficiency and effectiveness with which you can do such activities will determine how fast you grow and how your business image improves. In order to further enhance your business image a checklist of required hardware, software and infrastructure needs to be established and followed.


  1. Website – Your company website is the face the outside world sees and makes a judgement based on it. Relying on quality content ensures repeat visitors that get converted into customers. Good SEO optimization is required so that your website shows up in search engine rankings. Easily navigated websites filled with fresh content featuring blogs ensures direct communication and essentially building up your business image.
  2. Online reviews – These are doubly important for SMEs thanks to customers loving reviews. Customers tend to reach out to businesses with accurate information helping them predict and make decisions with regards to future purchases. The SME that can provide them the best business experience gets the best reviews and gains a customer and soon a customer base.
  3. Auto attendant – Customer retention and auto attendant design go hand in hand. Nearly half your customers could end up with a competitor post a frustrating experience with an auto attendant. Investing in a sound and efficient auto attendant service will have a direct impact on consumers’ first impressions of respondents who say phones are their preferred way for reaching out to businesses.
  4. Toll-free numbers – Originally a cost-free mechanism for connecting a business with their customer, toll free numbers today serve multiple functions relating to consumer-business connections. They are now an integral part of a company’s branding and marketing with vanity numbers defining corporate identity too.

    While email and texting are crucial for both business and personal communication, a customer will often pick up the phone as tehy get further along the purchasing process. A phone call can suggest that the caller is closer to arriving at a purchasing decision.

    For service companies, a phone call could represent a complaint or complex issue. Toll-free numbers are useful for embedding into offline and online ads. Advertisers track consumer response information when consumers respond to these numbers, which give businesses better insights into trends and patterns.

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