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Importance of Installing the Right Telephone Wire

Dave Haggblad - Tuesday, September 30, 2014 |

Business Phone System Structured Wiring and Cable Internet Protocol telephony or IP telephony is an umbrella term used for those technologies which make use of the packet-switched links of IP for exchanging voice, data and other kinds of information which were previously transmitted via conventional circuit connections provided by the public phone network. IP telephony is considered to be a significant element in the technological world which has brought about the convergence and integration of telephones, computers as well as television and other similar devices.

Wiring: Basics

Typically, every phone line or number is called an ‘electrical circuit’ that needs two wires, though a full copper wire path may not be required with certain fiber optics or advanced technology. The phone circuit is carried by the two wires termed as a ‘pair’. They are typically entwined and linked to another pair or pairs of wires. These wires are protected by an external jacket made of plastic making a multi-pair wire.

Installing the right kind of wire for your office business telephone system is particularly critical as it sets the tone for smoothness of operations. With increasing use of IP telephony, this has become even more important because not all installers or professionals may be certified to correct the telephone/network wiring for your business phone system.

Hire professionals

When you hire a professional telephone service and installation company, you can enjoy the services of highly-trained technicians who typically have expertise in the area of fiber optic cabling operations. 

The wire/cable installation process might include performance of a ‘checklist’ and device inspection to make sure that your business telephone system is compatible with the industry standards. This will guarantee that it is ready to go on the installation date. 

When your telephone installer is finished installing, labeling, testing and certifying your network or cable system, they may give you an information package that carries all documents related to panel record details, audit and test result copies and wiring sketches so that it can work as guidance for future reference if changes or repairs need to be made. 

The benefits of proper telephone and computer network wiring are many. Advanced technologies call for innovative cabling and network installations. A certified professional can offer the right kind of services as well as attention to detail. A reputed telephone wiring and installation company will also give you a good warranty and repair or attend to any wiring issues free of charge.

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