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How To Get A Business Phone System Even If You Only Have $1000 To Spend

Dave Haggblad - Monday, October 13, 2014 |

Options to get an office phone system on  $1000 budget Installing an office phone should not pose a great challenge to your establishment. However, with a $1000 budget, you will have to do some serious review of the pros and cons. 

What a business could achieve with $1000

A host of office phone systems are available in the market. You can buy them from telecom service providers or third parties apart from small businesses. A word of caution, though – do not jump directly to the buying stage without a first step assessment of your telecom requirements and the solutions you expect from it. The next step is to identify what features should be available in your business phone system.

Pay for the install of a leased system and then pay $36 per month

Installing leased phone systems is not just hassle free, but also cost effective. Even though lease financing is more expensive, financing is 100% without any down payment and the option of making low monthly payments over a long term is also available.

Invest in the phones for a hosted IP solution

You can choose a hosted IP or VOIP solution that has a low upfront cost and a regular monthly fee—only if it provides all basic services required by a business like conferencing, call queue, and IVR without charging extra. This technique is best for long distance calls, as regular telecom service providers charge way extra for VOIP phone services. Hosted IP saves investment costs of buying equipment and managing it.

Purchase a used system and have it installed

Buying a used phone system will provide you the required service if the equipment is working fine at a far lesser price. Review each piece of equipment and get it tested by an expert and only on full conviction that the product is flawless, make the purchase. Get the equipment installed by a trained engineer who understands your requirements of connectivity between different cabins along with hold and conferencing functions.

You could rent a phone system

If the present office is not likely to be a permanent, then renting a phone system is the ideal solution. Check out local phone rental companies (like us) and ask them for quotes, which can be compared to obtain the best deal. Renting a phone system saves on equipment cost, up-grade costs, and depreciation costs. With rented equipment, you can also save on maintenance, since it is carried out by the service provider by default.

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