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How my phone system changed the way I work

- Monday, June 03, 2013 |

Working remotely with a cell phone When I tell people that we have loaded a local off of our office telephone system onto my cell phone they have one of two reactions; their eyes glaze over and they start to act kind of nervous hoping I don’t start talking like techno geek, or you hear a "click" and they start calculating what they can save.

Here's how it works.
You create an internet connection from your cell phone to your office server and then turn on a soft phone. Your conversation is now over the internet to your office, not over the cellular network. When someone in your office wants to talk to you they dial your three digit extension and the call is routed to your cell phone. From your cell phone you would dial a 9 for outside dial tone and your call would be routed from your cell thru your office phone system and out to the world.  The person you called sees your office phone number in their call display.

In my company the average cell bill is $200.00 per month, using this technology we save $150.00 per month per cell. A company with 6 cell phones could save $10,800 per year. Imagine adding that to your bottom line every year.

If this interests you please call or e mail us for more information.

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