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Four Telltale Signs of an Obsolete Business Phone System

- Monday, March 12, 2018 |
Post Image - Four Telltale Signs of an Obsolete Business Phone System

The last two decades have witnessed technological advancements rarely seen in the history of mankind. So much so that experts predict that conventional phone landlines will be a thing of the past in the next few years. New business phone systems will be required to evolve with the changing times. You do not want to be left lagging behind others who are using advanced technology to boost their customer service and sales!

Here is a look at four telltale signs that your business phone system is obsolete and needs an urgent upgrade:

Problems getting parts – Once your phone system reaches a certain age and the manufacturer no longer supports the system, it becomes difficult to get replacement or additional phones, or components to expand or repair the main control box. If your system stops working, you could find yourself waiting days or even weeks to get parts....while your phone system is down and your customers can't get ahold of you. They might even think you are out of business. And your phone system service company ends up having to look on eBay and other such markets for used parts.

Problems with scalability – Scalability is basically a system’s capacity to deal with and adapt to the growing scale of the business endeavor. If your existing phone system requires a significant increase in your expenditures to accommodate an increase in the number of calls, the expansion of your business, and installing more extensions, it is time for an upgrade. Effective telecommunication systems for businesses need not be expensive. Investing in a better and more technologically advanced phone system will prove to be profitable in the long run and will increase work efficiency.

VoIP Incompatibility – VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is increasingly being seen as the future of communication systems. VoIP is the ability of conducting voice calls through the Internet and is already being used extensively in a lot of places. This method of communicating is more affordable, especially when there are a large number of international calls that have to be made. If your business phone system does not allow VoIP, it is definitely time to sit and take notice. You are missing out on one of the most cost effective and strong communications systems available today.

Mobile Incompatibility – Mobiles have changed the way people communicate today. They have managed to optimize a lot of business activities and provided a channel for the employer and the employees to be connected at all times. People in sales, work from home employees and field workers are all provided with mobile phones for an interrupted flow in communications and information. Your phone system should be able to integrate with all the business mobile phones for automatic and quick transfer. If it is incapable of doing so, you better start looking for alternatives. Customer’s expectations have changed with the revolution in the communications systems and you do not want to disappoint them.

Experts like us can always consult with you about the appropriate phone system installation for your business. We can help you prepare for a better future.

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