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Five Things to Consider When Evaluating a New Business Phone System

Dave Haggblad - Wednesday, December 30, 2015 |
Post Image - Five Things to Consider When Evaluating a New Business Phone System

Purchasing a telephone system is a significant investment, so it should be carried out after careful consideration of current and future needs and after comparing costs of service providers available in the market. Every business has its own unique needs that differ from company to company even if they are in the same industry. The key to choosing a business telephone system is its ability of scaling up according to needs and maintaining costs. Here are five key requirements that are commonly taken into consideration:

Call quality

Sound quality should be one of the main criteria for evaluation of a new phone system as it reflects poorly on business reputation. It can also lead to unproductive employees if they are not able to get in touch with customers or vis-à-vis. Check out all the references given by the service provider for any problems related to sound quality before selection.

How easy it is to make changes?

Every business phone system should be scalable enough to change with a dynamic company and meet its growing needs of new terminals and phone lines. It is lot more easy and cost effective to expand an existing system instead of investing in a new one as again you will have to incur installation and expansion costs.

How does it help with worker mobility?

Business organizations are dynamic with operations and structures changing along with staff. A phone system should be smart enough to allow staff to remain connected to the office system through call forwards and emailed voice messages. When an office opens new branches, the communication systems in these branches should be seamlessly integrated into existing phone systems.

What’s the support going to be?

Check in detail about the services that will be provided once your office phone system is up along with paid and free support. Telecom services companies are notoriously famous for saying yes to all queries and then backing off stating technicalities. Go through the fine print in detail about backup support during problems and confirm about which services are free for first year and following years.

Is pricing straight forward and simple or a complicated array of options and potential charges?

Adopting new technology is an expensive exercise which may exceed your business phone budget. Discuss in detail about upfront costs before and after installation and service charges for each value added feature that is being added on by the service provider.

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