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Do You Need to Hang Out the Do Not Disturb Sign?

Dave Haggblad - Monday, August 10, 2015 |

Do Not Disturb Business Phone Feature While you may have to hang out a visible “do not disturb sign” outside your office or hotel room the same cannot be done for your phone as callers cannot see the sign. But now smart phones give you the advantage of a “Do Not Disturb” feature that can silence all calls and message notifications when you don't want them. The best part about this feature is that the user can often choose the numbers he wants to talk to or wants to avoid and can adjust the settings in such a manner that these callers will always get a “not reachable” message when they call that number

Essentials to let Do Not Disturb work

If you have an iPhone or an Android phone then you can set the Do Not Disturb feature and lock the phone as only then it will get activated. User can set it up for activation at a particular time each day if they are likely to be busy at that time like from late evening till early morning. The best part of this feature is that it will not vibrate or light up nor make any disturbing signs when it is set in Do Not Disturb mode. However if there are any alarms set on the iPhone during this period it will sound even if that mode is activated.

Exceptions to Do Not Disturb mode

If you want to have some particular numbers that can be reachable to you at any point of time then you can select them to have their calls ring whenever this mode is switched on. This will ensure that you do not miss important calls from you contacts even when there is an emergency.

What can be done if you are stuck in a meeting and someone from home wants to reach you in an emergency and keeps calling you continuously? This kind of exceptional situation can be set to call frequency mode wherein certain calls can come through if they call for more than twice or thrice within a short gap of two to three minutes. With this feature user will be confident of not missing crisis calls.

Notifications like calls and messages will be hidden from view so you are not disturbed by them when you simply glance at the phone. You will have to tap on the phone to view them and remove the Do Not Disturb feature to review every call and message that had come when your phone was locked.

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