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Do You Know The Cost Of A Missed Call?

- Monday, November 04, 2013 |

Image of a man checking his watch while making a phone call When you get a call from a customer, the last thing you would want is to miss it. I believe that in today's competitive world, every call that a business gets is important, and failure to attend a client' calls can result in huge losses for the company.

Missed calls or dropped calls are among the biggest challenges that companies are dealing with today, in spite of having the best telecommunication systems in place. You cannot put a price on the call that is missed. But understand that every time you miss one, you are looking at wasted time and lost opportunity, and with that, loss of money.

Missed calls can hit you hard in the long run…

Ignoring the dropped calls or missed calls because there aren’t too many in a day is a bad idea. Miss one call every day, and you miss around 30 calls, or lose 30 clients in a month. Now losing a client is the last thing you would want. Just keep track of the number of calls you are missing to know the extent of your losses. I guarantee that you will be surprised, but not pleasantly.

So now the question is, how do you deal with this problem? For starters, I would suggest you to find out the reason behind the missed calls. Is it a technical glitch? Or is it lack of manpower?

Try calling your main number several times throughout a week and see if you experience a problem.

Did you get a busy signal? Maybe you just need another line or two…or perhaps you should consider getting direct lines for some of your staff.

Did the call just ring and ring with no one answering it? Let your auto attendant answer the calls instead. That way you will not miss any calls, even when your receptionist is away on a break.

Did something else happen? Did your auto attendant answer the call but put you in ‘voice mail jail’? Maybe it’s time to review your auto attendant set up.

Take the call

Did you know that more than 65% of potential clients of a business would rather hang up than leave a message on the answering machine? Well, now you do.

When you want to give your top clients the flexibility of reaching you at any time, and when you do not want to miss important calls even while you are away from your desk phone, you have to make yourself available wherever you are and take that call. The good news is that you can do so by enabling the Call Pairing option on your Samsung telephone system. You can enable and disable Call Pairing from your phone so that calls to your extension also ring an external cellphone or landline number. Answer the call from wherever your are. Now there won't be another missed call from a valuable client.

If you have concerns about what happens when your customer calls you, please contact us to review your options for call processing.

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