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Disaster Recovery-Protecting Business Communication

Dave Haggblad - Monday, July 21, 2014 |

Image of a flooded city street Data loss in the event of a disaster is one of the most detrimental things that can happen to a business. According to a report by the Underwriting Guide for Insurers, out of the entire lot of mid-size companies which go through major data loss, only six percent are able to recover. This means that 43 percent are unable to open again and 51 percent shut their doors within two years from the date of the disaster. 

PBX systems for disaster recovery

A cost-saving and effective solution for telephone communication recovery is a virtual or hosted PBX system. In such a system, the “switch” is not located on the premises but elsewhere and is therefore shielded from damage or disruption, and additionally has the support of backup power and appropriate network availability.

The concept of PBX systems as a backup mechanism is not new. In fact it has a lot on common with centrex, which is a technology that originated in the 1950s. However, even though the concept is relatively old, the technology available today is sophisticated and advanced.

Usually, telephone calls from a disengaged premises oriented PBX system as well as VoIP system have to be transferred or re-directed to the backup system. This backup system then undertakes call processing based on procedures specified by customers. The recovery process is usually very easy to initiate and utilizes a pre-designed method of activation or an active real-time mechanism. 

Save your business with telephone backup recovery

The issue faced with fixed-line telephone systems is that if there is a disaster or any other kind of functional failure in the premises, then that business phone number could become unavailable. As a result, you will miss incoming customer calls and they might even think that the business has closed down since there is no response or call back.

However, you could save yourself from this situation by opting for a hosted VoIP service provider which enables the continued operation of the business irrespective of the location. You are essentially making use of the ‘cloud’ backup system and are therefore able to receive and make calls anywhere across the country on that particular number.

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