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Conference Calls Made Easy with Business Phones

- Monday, March 31, 2014 |

image of business people on a conference call It's common in businesses today to have meetings or to discuss important matters over the telephone. Often these calls require the participation of more than two individuals. When a person wants to have more than one person participating in the telephone call, it's called ‘telephone conferencing’. 

Different types of business phones that support telephone conferencing are now easily available in the market. A Polycom phone is a type of phone which is specifically designed to be used to make conference calls.

Usually, a specialized service provider is employed by organizations to execute conference calls. The service provider is responsible for providing PIN codes and phone numbers that help the various participants to dial and be a part of the conference call.

Benefits of conference calling for business

Organizations are able to use conference calling to actually carry out some of its most important functions such as holding client meetings, making sales presentations, conducting routine team meetings and holding specific training classes with employees and clients spread out all over the globe. Conference calling is also seen as smart and effective way to cut costs of travelling. It also saves a lot of time as employees do not have to leave the office frequently to attend meetings.

Making a conference call

A conference call can be initiated by any phone user.  The upper limit for participation in such a call is usually six participants, including the initiator. More participants can be added to the conference call only by the person who started the call. The initiator does have the option to transfer control to another participant. 

Handling incoming calls

It is also possible to allow an incoming call to be added to an existing conference call on the phone from which the call was initiated. You simply need to press the Answer key and then select the Join option. Highlight the conference call on the phone and press the Join key again.

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