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Changes that save you money

Dave Haggblad - Monday, August 25, 2014 |

Image showing saving money by changing your phone system A good majority of the phone systems that our customers purchase are paid for by the savings that come from using new technology.


One of our customers had 6 phone lines on his system at a monthly cost of 
 $55 per line, or $330.00 per month.

His long distance was $510 per month at .50 cents per minute.

His fax line was $74 per month.

Having calling line id added another $25 per month.

Finally, he also had an 800 number that was costing him $74 per month.

His monthly bill for the above services was always around $1000.00 per month.


We left 3 phone lines on traditional copper and added 3 internet dial tones.

We moved the fax number over to a service called fax to e mail, which 
 saved him money on paper as well since he only prints the faxes he needs.

The 800 number we moved IPrimeline for a greatly reduced cost of 
 $2.50/mth with Long Distance at 3.5 cents per minute.

We programmed his new system so that anyone dialing long distance went out on the internet dial tone at 4 Cents per minute.


His savings were $525.00 per month, meaning he was paying over 50% less that what he had been paying. His new phone system had a cost of just under $10,000, meaning that it paid for itself in 2 years. Every month after that is money he gladly uses elsewhere in his business.

Additionally, with the new system came new technology and convenience features like Direct Lines to primary staff members and Mobex, which makes their cell phone like an extension of their office phone.

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