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Call Parking - Without getting a ticket!

- Monday, February 17, 2014 |

Image representing the call park business phone system feature There are many things that your business telephone can do for you, many of which you may be unaware of. It would be a crime to use the business telephone system only to make and receive calls, considering that it has numerous other features that can help you improve the communication in your office. One of the lesser-known, but highly useful features of Samsung and Nortel business telephone systems is called Call Park.

What is call parking?

As the name says, call parking means putting an active call on hold in 'the cloud' and being able to pick it up on another extension. To park an active call, you just need to press the "PARK" button on the telephone and then simply hang up. When you do that, the call is automatically transferred to a 'cloud' extension from which you or another person can resume the call.

To retrieve the call on another extension, you enter the retrieval code or the cloud extension number where the call has been parked. This is usually displayed on the telephone unit as soon as you press the PARK button. Give the retrieval code or parking extension information to whoever is answering the call so that they can access the parked call.

When do you use this option?

Now you know how the call parking feature works. But you may wonder why would anyone want to park a call? Here are a few situations where the call park feature comes in handy.

When an outside call is made for a person whose extension you may not know, you can park the call and then contact the person through the PA system or send them an instant message with details of where the call has been parked. This will ensure that your extension is not unnecessarily engaged, which is usually the case when you put the call on hold.

You can also use the call parking feature when the desired extension, to which the call needs to be transferred, is busy. You can park the call and inform the person about the parked call through IM or pager and resume activity on your extension. For instance, your receptionist Sally receives a call that was made for you, and you are on another call. Sally can then park the call and let you know about it so that you can pick it up once you are done with the current call. That way, she doesn’t have to keep her extension busy for a long time. 

Perhaps you have a large building or warehouse.  If a call comes for someone that is not at their desk it doesn't make sense to make them come back to their phone to take the call.  Just park the call, announce it over the PA system, and that person can go to whichever phone is closest to them, enter the code you announced and pick up the call...even if they are at the other end of the building.

To know more about this useful feature in your Samsung or Nortel business telephone systems, give us a call today.

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