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Boardroom Conference Phones

Dave Haggblad - Monday, August 17, 2015 |

Polycom Soundstation Conference Phone Technological improvements today have made the use of conference phones completely hassle free and standard equipment in boardrooms across the world. The most essential element in any conference room phone equipment today is clarity of speech and ability to understand each other’s words without any disturbances and static. Conference phone equipment today is available in sophisticated designs and allow users to work in a 'virtual' environment without any fear of connectivity.

Advantage of conference call equipment

Companies today often operate from more than a single location and have workers in multiple sites. With conference phones they can engage in inexpensive and spontaneous conversation for collaboration.

a. Ideal for wide audience

Standard size boardroom conference call phones can be heard clearly in a room of 300 – 400 Sq. Ft. When these phones are equipped with one or two microphones the voice volume also increases and can be heard in a large conference room of 700 - 800 Sq.Ft. Conference phone systems also allow phones to be connected to public address systems to reach a wider audience spread over a wide open space.

b. Quick mode of meeting arrangement

Conference phones are technically adept at setting up calls across various locations with soft keys and an address book facility. The conference phones can be pre-programmed with contact details of different groups so each group can maintain their own phone books under user profile. If the office is using an IP phone system then contact details can be downloaded via a web interface.

c. Record meeting details

The latest boardroom phones help you to record meetings and store details of all the minutes so that it can be reviewed later. People that have missed the meeting for various reasons can now take advantage of the recording and listen to the audio file at their leisure to understand the nuances of the meeting.

Conference phones may look a little complicated at first but they are easy to use once users understand all of the functionalities. They have an array of voice processing and ambient noise cancellation techniques which can help in reproducing clear voice of participants despite background sound of overhead fans, computer buzzing and muted conversation of others. The key of a successful conference phone solution lies in understanding the challenges of each room where it is placed to enable best conference experience for parties at both ends. Though its technology is complex, it can help in simplifying life of users by helping them communicate clearly across wide distances in a simple and inexpensive manner.

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