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Advantages Of Remote Access To Your Phone System

Dave Haggblad - Monday, April 06, 2015 |

Remote support technician Now that remote access to office telephone network from a virtual location is a reality, it is easy for service personnel to manage problems for their clients within a short turnaround time. With advanced features, your company’s remote workers can also have access to their office phone records. Hosted VoIP services that offer cloud based services are able to manage and configure your office communication system within a short period of time via the Internet. This facility helps both small and large business companies to connect to office phone through mobile devices or desktop IP phone.

Low long distance call rates

A premises-based phone system which has mobility features allows employees to attend to service calls and bill the customers at quarter hour increments because there is no physical travel time and no mobility keeps the costs down. You can save several thousand dollars on communications costs as your employees can communicate over a virtual private network from varied locations around the city or state.

Easy to manage resetting problems

As the entire business’s communication system is managed by cloud based phone system, the calls of staff that are out in the field can easily be managed by transferring desktop calls to the employee’s smartphone or other communication device.

Easily retrievable voicemail

Sometimes, a field executive may loose their voicemail password and they're unable to get access to their messages. The problem can be remotely taken care of within a short period of time. His/her mail box is reopened with a fresh password that can be created by the user with help from service engineer.

Making name changes as staff come and go

Staff in entry level and mid management level in every organization are part of its floating population that keeps changing every few years. Now every time an old employee leaves and a new one joins the organization, changes have to be made to the attendance roaster and also the telecom network. This change can also be done remotely within a few hours, once the service provider is informed about the replacement. The provider will then replace the old employer’s voice message system with the new employee’s name without even physically sending a technician to manage the change.

Setting up a remote phone system requires special hardware and software that is customized to a company’s specific requirement. A combination of products like firewalls, anti-virus systems, and even encryption programs may be best to help in setting up a secure VPN network within an office setup.

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