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A Word about Warranties

Dave Haggblad - Monday, September 15, 2014 |

Blue Ribbon Warranty Seal You obviously consider several factors before buying a business telephone system from a particular manufacturer or dealer. These primarily include cost, preferred brand, after sale services and warranty. Product warranty may be one of the most important details to consider when buying a phone system for your business. 

You don't want to end up wasting time, money and effort on frequent repairs while dealing with faulty products. Equipment can malfunction at any point of time, whether the issue is related to the hardware or the software involved with today's systems. Be sure that the system you select has a broad coverage and long term warranty that allows immediate replacement and repair, whatever the issue may be.

A good warranty ensures the smooth running of your business operations without unnecessary interruptions from a technical point of view. There are companies these days that offer extended warranties lasting even up to 4-5 years. These are rare, but ensure complete peace of mind and no wastage of time and money.

What does a typical warranty include?

When you buy a business telephone system from a reputable dealer, the warranty contract states that during the warranty period, the product will operate as per the specifications published on it. A warranty claim can be made during the warranty period, which starts once the product has been delivered. Certain warranty services are also guaranteed under these contracts, which are stated in a written document. These provide for the correction of fault or failure in the business telephone system and also provide replacement or no cost upgrade if the equipment is found to have a defect in the software.

It is important to thoroughly read and understand the ‘Maintenance and Support’ terms which come along with the phone system. In case you wish to make a warranty claim, it must be done in writing and submitted to the company within the warranty period. The local customer support centre can also be contacted for assistance regarding warranties.

Services offered under warranty

A good warranty that lasts for a reasonable period of time saves you from spending money on repair as well as replacement. When you have a solid manufacturer warranty, you get these on-site repair and maintenance services free of cost during the warranty period. The provider also undertakes routine checks to prevent any operational damage in the future, as well as providing for software upgrades to add features, handle hacking attacks, or fix software issues.

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