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A different perspective on running your business

- Monday, July 22, 2013 |

connect multiple pizza parlor locations with your Samsung phone system Like most people I am a creature of habit.  I call the same pizza parlor and order the same type of pizza every time. My favorite pizza parlor is a little shop on 17th Ave SW in Calgary.  When I call they ask me the following questions:

Which pizza?
What size?
My name?
My address?
My phone number?
How am I going to pay?

Now let’s pretend that the owner had a technology outlook on his business.  

My call would come in to his business, my caller ID would register with his database and all of my account information would open.  My name, address, phone numbers, e-mail address, and preferred payment method would appear. This would cut the time of order process in half, and free up the lines. This would mean that he could sell more pizzas.  Here is where it gets fun.  Since you have all of the customers contact information you could plan e-mail campaigns for those slow times that we all have.  Or if you got a screaming good deal on pepperoni sausage you could do an e mail blast announcing that for a short period of time a discount applied on all pepperoni pizzas.

This technology would also work for service and sales companies.  A call from a known customer could be routed directly to the service desk while a call from an unknown (new) customer could go directly to sales.  

The big companies have been using this technology for years, they could afford it and it served them well.  Today a small company can have the same technology for a small additional cost.  

By having an IP enabled telephone system they can tie their telephones and customer database together and have a powerful tool at their disposal.  The systems we sell provide that functionality, as well as networking multiple locations and offsite employees in an easy and economical manner.

Is your business ready to play with the big boys?

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