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A Cordless Headset Makes your Phone…Well, Cordless

Dave Haggblad - Wednesday, October 07, 2015 |
Post Image - A Cordless Headset Makes your Phone…Well, Cordless

With cordless headsets you are likely to have several advantages, as they are not fixed to a particular location, they can be used almost anywhere in a building. A cordless headset can give reliable connectivity and works like a radio transmitter and receiver operating across a certain work area.

Advantages of using a cordless phone system

Remote call management

By adding a cordless headset with a handset lifter lets you answer calls anywhere within range of the transmitter. Even if the phone is not synced via Bluetooth to a cell phone they enable user to pick up calls anywhere in the house. It is very different from a standard landline phone where you have to walk up to the instrument every time to pick and answer calls. Cordless phones allow you to remotely answer and hang up the phone.

Voice clarity and hands free

Tests undertaken to check voice quality of cell phones and cordless phones show that voice clarity of the latter is better and call do not drop or weaken like in cell phones. This is very essential if you are working in a home office and there is a lot of disturbance from electronic gadgets like microwave, television or other devices. 

Safety during emergency

Though cell phones have a GPS based system to identify location of a device it will not be able to give precise information about door number, floor in a building etc., when there is a frantic search to locate a caller for providing emergency services in a building. When a call is made from a standard land line then the copper wire connectivity of the phone company gives its exact location.

Convenience and health

When you are at home try to sync the cell phone to landline through Bluetooth and use it for making and receiving calls which will help you to manage calls coming into both lines instead of juggling between both. With wireless phone devices at home you can get better reception on cell phone with clarity that is free from ambient sound. Besides the advantage of speaker that allow users to make hands free calls, you can also have recorded greetings and caller id facility to take a quick view of the incoming call number and also recognize if it is a known or unknown caller.

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