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20 Years of Phone System Service Reduced to 10: Importance of Phone Maintenance

Dave Haggblad - Monday, August 04, 2014 |

Image of a worn out phone booth The continuity of a business is dependent on an efficient phone system to a large extent. This is especially true for large firms that utilize various kinds of communication, voicemail, fax, web connection and other similar services using an integrated business telephone system. The life of your business telephone system can be short-lived when you ignore regular updates, maintenance rounds and other practices that are necessary for its effective functioning.

In this global, fast-paced technological world, it has become vital for businesses to preserve their office phone systems and also to make them durable. Some urgent operations could be delayed or disrupted due to small or big problems in the phone system, which could result in heavy losses.

Keeping your telephone systems operational and dependable

It is a good idea to purchase a high quality and well-functional telephone system for your business from a reputed company. You also need to make sure that you invest in a good maintenance contract for your system. To keep the business phone working for several years after purchase, you do require regular maintenance and upgrades. Several telecom companies offer contracts under which professional technicians pay a visit to check your phone system and address any minor or major repairs.

Opt for a contract that also includes regular upgrades so that you do not end up using redundant technology. With regular upgrades, you will only make your system more efficient and convenient to use. You will also be at par with other companies in terms of your operations with these upgrades. Therefore it is a good idea to get rid of lags, avoid interruptions and make your system investment more cost-effective. With regular maintenance, your phone system can last for as long as ten years.

Power conditioning to enhance system life

PBX telephone systems can have major problems by using power that is not within the normal range of voltage. It is a good idea to consider employing a power line conditioning mechanism to counter the issue. This system works by taking power from various kinds of inputs and delivers a 120-230 Volt source of power.

Power line conditioning offers two main types - the first one operates through a single power line conditioner and the second is a UPS battery. The battery also offers line conditioning. Both these kinds can help in enhancing the life of your business telephone system to a large extent.

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