The Best Business Phone Systems in Calgary

A bold claim, but we believe that we offer our clients the best possible phone system for their business based on their needs. Of course that takes some conversation, a little education, and some patience while we learn a little about your business and what you're striving to accomplish. That helps us figure out how a phone system can help you achieve that.

The price of technology has changed

For what it used to cost just to add voicemail to your phone system now pays for a complete system, with voicemail and phones……and that's installed. With new systems comes access to new technology too, and we're finding ways to reduce monthly (telco) phone bills with this some cases enough to pay for a whole new system in less than a year with the savings.

Nobody wants to replace a system that’s working, their dial tone has always been there. But what we're consistently finding is that companies are spending way more then they need to every month because of their fear of making a change.

Fear of change

You're used to your system, right? You know how to use're comfortable with it. So you might be afraid to make a change. After all, they are much more complicated than they used to be....right?

Imagine going from a Motorola flip phone to an iPhone 10. That’s the jump a lot of customers are faced with making.

That's where having well trained technicians, technicians who have been trained by the manufacturer, comes in. We show our customers how to use your phones, ad many times as we need to. Then we watch you use and program your phones to confirm that you are comfortable and are able to perform the tasks you most often need to do. We provide cheat sheets and online training videos for the common tasks in case you need a review. All this helps reduce the pain and fear of making a change or of installing something new.

Once our customers are comfortable with their new systems their eyes are then opened to the possibilities of the system sending calls made to their desk phone over to their cell phones, having voicemails sent to them as an email, or even calling their office in another city as if they were in the office next to them (4 digit dialing, no long distance calls).

Don't look at change as a possible threat or an expense. Rather, look at this as a life preserver that's been tossed to you and your business.

Training helps make for the best system

Anyone can sell a telephone system. Are the people that install it trained? Are they experts? Are they listening to your needs and making sure the system is set up to help you meet those needs rather than the simplest set up for them or the cookie cutter approach?

If every company is different, and they are, why would you have a cookie cutter phone system. That's like a tailor selling 1 suit to fit everybody. Our Technicians are trained through the Provincial Apprenticeship program to learn the standards of the industry, and this training is supplemented with manufacturer provided specialty courses to learn the nuances of the Samsung systems that we specialize in. This training combines to provide you with the best technician for your system, the one who can understand your business needs and then set up the phone system in the best way to meet those needs.

Most of our customers do not know what a Trunk is vs SIP vs DTMF. We find that part of 'training' means educating our customers so they understand what their options are and what they're buying. These phone systems have over 150 features, but most people use 5-10...the trick is knowing which 5-10 are right for your business.

Why we feel Samsung OfficeServ Phone Systems are the best choice for you

We sold and serviced Nortel Norstar phone systems for years. We liked them because they were well made, lasted a long time, and we were able to program them to meet our customers needs. When Nortel left the industry we were faced with the need to find a suitable replacement.  We reviewed the available systems and chose Samsung for a number of reasons, including:

  • Longevity of the product, it even comes with a 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Competitive price point and good value for our customers,
  • No charge software upgrades (subject to a small installation charge) This keeps our customer's systems current and protected from phone system hacks.
    Older systems relied solely on passwords for security, Samsung supplements that with software based security.
  • Phone sets have longevity and are transferable to other models, so if you have an older samsung system you can most often use those phones on a new system
  • We have a direct connection to Samsung & their technical support/sales support. In the past we’ve been 3-4 layers removed from the large manufacturer and you could not talk to their support people without giving them a credit card number.
  • The systems form factor allows for consolidation with your other network components, rather then mounting the system in you boiler room. By the way, the heat and moisture of that environment is not conducive to a long lasting system.
  • The modularity of the Samsung system allows us to install just what you need, this helps keep things simple and cost effective.

How could this work for me?

Of course it's impossible to give you a definitive answer here, we would need to evaluate what your business is trying to accomplish, and how you see your employees or even yourself using a business phone system. But here's some examples of what some of our customers have found.

A Law Firm

We set a law firm up with some important features for his practice.

  • Call Record, he uses this to record conversations with his clients (after notifying the call is being recorded). This is helpful for transcription later, and even if needed for reference in relation to a case.
  • Mobex....Mo-what?. Never mind the name, it's just a feature name and adds the ability to send a call from your phone system to your cell phone. Lawyers spend a lot of time in court waiting....and sometimes miss important calls, including calls about the case they are going to see the judge for. So optionally sending calls to his cell phone or having his receptionist able to transfer a call to his cell phone is important.
  • Lawyers get a lot of calls, this one uses Call Log to review calls that come to his phone while he is on another call. This way he doesn't have to interrupt the call he is on and can still see who was trying to reach him and return that call making him more proactive.
  • Voicemail to email. I said it before, lawyers get a lot of calls and therefore a lot of voicemail. So while he's sitting at the courthouse awaiting his appearance before the judge for his next case he likes being able to review voicemails while going through his email and then returning calls that can't wait. Way more productive then having to deal with those voicemails when he gets back to his office.
An Equipment Manufacturing Company

This company has multiple locations across three provinces and wanted to centralize Accounting and Logistics Dispatch as well as Reception. We set them up so calls between their offices are no cost four digit dialing, just as easy as calling the office across the hall. This helped them achieve huge savings in operational costs both with staffing and long distance charges.

A Health Club Chain

This client was looking for consistency between locations, their staff often travel and even relocate between clubs and they wanted to make sure the staff member could immediately be productive at any location. So we install and configure the systems at each location to the same customer defined standards.

They also enjoy inter-club calling with 4 digit dialing while not tying up external phone lines that customers may be trying to call in on.

We set them up with remote access to their phone systems so we can easily and cost effectively make staff change updates.

Finally, they enjoy the ability to transfer extra equipment or spare parts between sites. The clubs often run membership drives that last a month or two, so a box of phones is literally couriered between clubs, plugged in at the new club and used for the length of the membership drive and then boxed up and sent to the next club.

An Accounting Firm

We have an accounting firm that has an office in Calgary and then independent accountants that operate in other cities. They wanted to keep the 'Face' of the firm and capitalize on a central support group. So we installed inexpensive direct lines in each of the independent accountants cities that ring on the system in Calgary. So someone in Red Deer calls a local Red Deer number....that call is answered in Calgary by the firm's receptionist and then transferred to the the independent accountant in Red Deer.

This may sound like overkill. Why not just let the accountant in Red Deer answer the call? Well, for this Accounting Firm it was important to maintain the client relationship and they wanted all calls to go through their main office. That way if the independent accountant in Red Deer moved on to something else or even retired they still maintained the customer. It also allows them to run marketing campaigns in the other markets and not worry about overwhelming the independent accountant with incoming calls they can't handle. The main office and phone system in Calgary is set up to handle the larger call volumes these campaigns can generate so they are not wasting marketing dollars on calls that can't be answered.

Which system is right for me?

The following shows the capacity of each Samsung model. Costs would vary based on your particular needs and the options you decide best suit what you are trying to accomplish your goals. 

We're happy to meet with you for a no cost/no obligation discussion to help you outline what you need and then provide a proposal to meet those needs, just call 403-543-6959.

OfficeServ 7100
OfficeServ 7200s
OfficeServ 7200
OfficeServ 7400
Regular Phone Lines 24 24 32 64
SIP (VoIP) Phone Lines 24 32 64 128
Digital Phones 32 64 128 480
IP Phones 32 64 128 480
Wireless Phones 32 64 128 224
Analog Phones 32 64 128 480
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Samsung Website
OfficeServ 7100 OfficeServ 7200s OfficeServ 7200 OfficeServ 7400
Note: capacities shown are maximums.
In mixed configurations, ie: some Digital and some Wireless Phones are needed, the number of phones that can be attached is not a sum of the two numbers shown.
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