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284, 3359 27th Street NE
Calgary, AB
T1Y 5E4

Phone: 403-543-6959

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Providing service to Calgary, Airdrie, and Strathmore Business Phone Systems

What our Clients Say

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"All we wanted was a couple of telephone sets added onto our existing phone system, but the company who sold it to us said it was going to cost $10,000! Although we needed the telephones at that time, we could not justify the additional cost, so we continued to limp along, until we found Tel Tech Services."

“Tel-Tech is excellent in the way they develop strong customer relationships. That comes from thinking problems through, developing creative solutions that assist the customer in achieving their goals.”

Francine Flemming – Chintz & Company

"Imagine, Running A Restaurant… Then Late Friday Afternoon, Just Before The Weekend, Your Most Profitable Time Of the Week, Your Entire Phone System Crashes. No Phones… No Credit Cards… No Direct Debit… IT WAS OUR WORST NIGHTMARE!"

“When I called Tel-Tech dispatch, they guaranteed me that the technician arrived on-site within the hour, and they arrived in 35 minutes. Just 10 minutes later, I could receive incoming calls to the restaurant on my cell phone. I knew then that we wouldn’t be loosing the weekend revenues."

"In 80 minutes from my initial call, the entire system was up and running, things were back to normal, like it had never happened.”

Manager – Metropolitan Grill, Mount Royal Village

“Tel-Tech is effective when they communicate with me. There is genuine interest from Tel-Tech staff. They listen to what I am saying, in my terms, and then they paraphrase it back to me to ensure that we both have a common understanding of what the problem is. Then they provide me with the solution in terms that I can understand.”

“Some companies will give me an answer that they think that I want to hear, setting the wrong expectations. From that, I set the wrong expectations with our staff, which is a recipe for trouble should they fail to deliver. Tel-Tech does not always give me the answer that I want to hear, but they say what needs to be said, and deliver what they commit to.”

“There are two reasons that I like working with Tel-Tech. First, their staff is easy to deal with and secondly, they are very very reliable. Providing me with lower priced alternatives such as reconditioned equipment or parts is a bonus.”

Michael O’Neil – Alberta College of Art & Design