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Providing service for Calgary, Airdrie & Strathmore Business Phone Systems

Providing Business Phone System Service to Airdrie & Strathmore

Is your business located in Airdrie or Strathmore?

Are you having trouble finding someone to service your business/office phone system?

Many Calgary based phone service companies mistakenly believe that you're too far away, but we take care of several customers in Airdrie & Strathmore and would be happy to work with you. Our location in NE Calgary makes driving to Airdrie or Strathmore as easy as getting to South Calgary so we're in a great location to take care of your Samsung or Nortel Norstar phone system.

Why you have trouble getting service

Do you feel isolated? Did you find a company but they only come to Airdrie every second Wednesday unless you're willing to pay extra fees for travel time? Maybe they don't even return your calls when they hear you're in Airdrie or Strathmore.

Many service companies suffer from the old perception that Airdrie and Strathmore are a long ways away and are too expensive to provide service....but we know the secret, you're not that far away!

Give us a try, you'll pay our regular service rate with no premium for travel or extra charges like trip fees.

Call 403-543-6959 or email to book a service call or if you have any questions.

See a sample of our clients to make sure we're the right fit for you

Check out our online training videos for Samsung and Nortel Norstar phone systems, or look at our Samsung or Norstar cheat sheets and User might save the cost of a call entirely by taking care of it yourself.