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Providing service to Calgary, Airdrie, and Strathmore Business Phone Systems

Welcome to TelTech Business Solutions

Arlen Peterson and his team of professionals welcome you to TelTech Business Solutions.

We recognize the critical need for a communications company that combines leading technology with top quality service and support. Our position as an industry leader is based on these principles, and on our commitment to lead a rapidly changing industry. We enable each system to migrate with our customer’s changing needs, working to eliminate “forklift” upgrades and protecting your investment.
—Arlen Peterson, CD 
    Operations Manager

Formed in 1993, TelTech is committed to establishing lasting business relationships with our clients. TelTech is responsible for developing and improving voice and network client solutions. Extensive technology and service experience allows our team to develop a comprehensive understanding of your unique communication needs, and respond to those needs quickly and efficiently.

Photograph of Arlen Peterson - owner of Tel Tech Services

Arlen Peterson

President - Tel Tech Services

I started in the phone business in 1973 as an apprentice installer with AGT in the residential market. My job was to install telephone sets in houses in the Calgary area.

In 1975 I applied for a posting in business telephone installation and was accepted. This position had me installing Key Systems in downtown Calgary. By 1980 I was a journeyman and was learning about a new technology from Nortel, the SL1. This switch was a computerized telephone system. In 1987 I was working on the 88 Olympic project and was in charge if installing 3,200 telephones for the Media Villages.

After the Olympic project I moved into working on the major and national accounts. In this position I maintained the switch at SAIT, CBE, Trimac Trucking and backed up the technician at the Foothills Hospital.

In 1993 I moved into sales and marketing at Telus where I worked with the incredible Dave Haggblad. A year later I was in the face to face sales and was travelling SE Alberta helping small and medium sized business.

In 1997 I resigned from Telus to form TelTech Business Solutions. TelTech has seen a steady growth of customers and services. When we started we were a Nortel shop - selling and servicing Nortel equipment. With the departure of Nortel we moved to Samsung Business Telephone systems and now Grandstream. The Grandstream product has allowed us to explore new technologies and help customers streamline their communications.

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Arlen Peterson and his team have been providing phone services to Calgary businesses for over 20 years.

Committed to improving the Telecom Industry

Image of a team working at a chalk board

It's our belief that the business telephone (telecom) industry is experiencing the same kind of challenges that the music industry and the video store industry have experienced. There is new technology that is going to changing this industry forever.

That's why TelTech is so involved with the direction of the industry. Arlen Peterson, company president, sits on the Provincial Apprenticeship Committee for Telecom. Last year that board changed the complete telecom course. It is now focused on IP Telephony and apprentices will graduate with a sound working knowledge of this important technology.

Arlen also sits on an industry board for SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology). This board makes recommendations to SAIT regarding what the industry thinks should be taught. He also works with the graduating students, helping them complete their final projects. These students work on IP solutions for business telephone systems.

Working directly with the educators that shape the students entering the industry helps make sure the technician that shows up at your business is knowledgeable, experienced, and capable of handling your businesses telecommunications needs.